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Soph. English Opening Week

Sophomore English Week One

  • Class Syllabus : Google Doc
  • WordPress: Developing your Blog

Google Search Education

  • Day One: Search Terms and Google
  • Day Two: How Searches Work
  • Day Three: Credible Resources and Narrowing Searches
  • Day Four: Creating an Annotated Bibliography

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Summer Update

Soph. World Lit Class (English II) Here is the link to the list: Link Work from the summer reading is due no later than August 30. Anyone who needs an example of a book review here is a link to all of my book reviews and my Goodreads account. I plan on using this web based account as a part of class this year. Students are encouraged to put

US History students should complete their work for Mr. Rhodus’s American Lit class and be ready for class on the first day of school. I recommend that you begin placing your notes and ideas about  Huckleberry Finn  and The Scarlet Letter on your blogs from sophomore English. We will continue to use these throughout the US history class and discuss the correlation of these books to US History.

Freshmen Government and Economics students should also be ready for class on the first day of school. Look below for a list of required items for all of my classes. Lord of the Flies will be discussed during out class and the ideas of free will and the social contract.

Psychology/Sociology students should be ready for class on the first day of school and look at those class webpages for anything you may need.

Items for Class

  • One Three Ring Prong paper folder. Amazon
  • Pencils and/or black pens.
  • A working email address for the student.

Book Review: Science Fiction : A Historic Anthology

Cover of "Science Fiction: A Historical A...

Cover via Amazon

Science Fiction: A Historical Anthology by Eric S. Rabkin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

By far, the best collection on the market before the millennials appeared on the shelves. If you are looking for a good starter reader begin here and then move into either Bradbury, Heinlein, or Asimov next. They are all in the anthology with good core example pieces to read. This was the core text of my SciFi lit class at Marshall. Really opened me view up beyond the 1990s pulp SciFi that I had been reading.

SciFi should be read for both its short stories and novels. Too many people today get caught in the prolonged epics generated by publishing houses and miss all of the great works being published in the magazines of the day.

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