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Description of Studies

This course is designed to teach students the elements of journalism and digital media skills.   Students will write, revise, edit, and proofread articles, features, and editorials for the weekly newscast and online newspaper, The Model Observer. They will also produce, layout, and publish the yearbook. Students are expected to manage aspects of production, including sales and promotion. Journalism is a laboratory experience.  Each student will complete requirements in the following areas:  Reporting, Interviewing, Editing, Computer Skills, Layout, Photography, Marketing/Sales, Civics & Ethics.  Also, each student will complete a portfolio of work that will include writing and digital work in several genres.

Ben Swann: Truth in Media Materials

  • Daily Notebook: Contains written notes, review  sheets, returned assessments, and notebook paper
  • Pencil or Pen (Black only; other colors will not be graded)
  • Positive Attitude



Uni of Wisc-Mil. Digital Journalism Word Cloud

Uni of Wisc-Mil. Digital Journalism Word Cloud


We will be using a standards-based grading system for this semester. As a part of this, grading will be based largely on cumulative assessments and the process of learning overall. Work used to learn and give understanding will be accounted for but not necessarily used as an integral part of the overall grade. The reason for this is to show a direct correlation between the class grade and student understanding.

  • Published Assignments 85%
  • Research Assignments 10%
  • Class Assignments 5%
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