Global Issues

In World Geography, students will explore the basic aspects of geography and modern applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This will include developing and understanding maps based on topography, politics, economics, and social change. Students will also learn core elements of orienteering and participate in student led activities. As part of Current Events, students will engage in the research and study of modern occurrences and trace their histories. This will include but not be limited to Pan-Arabism, effects of  post-colonialism (sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America), global terrorism, and regionalism vs supra-nationalism. Students will also be able to compare and contrast currents within time periods; such as, economic growth, cultural shifts, and political realignments.

Students will use an online textbook provided by the University of Vancouver. PhysicalGeography .net


  • Ebook Review Packet
  • Real Places: PowerPoint of Terms
  • Movie Guide: Great Wall of China (Natural Boundaries)
  • Movie Guide: Megaquakes (Plate Tectonics)
  • Geodesic Spheres
  • Orienteering: Using a map with a compass
  • Current Events News Articles
  • GeoPortriats: Africa
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