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Psychology Final Project: Creativity

The following project will be due Wednesday, Dec. 17. It will be considered as the final grade for the class and involve multiple concepts and constructs. Each student will be graded based on the scope and scale of work that they complete and not simply originality or “creativity.”

 Part I Research ___/15 Points

Each student must research the concept of creativity. There will be three provided resources, NPR radio broadcast, TED Talk Video, and One article. An additional three scholarly resources must found and added to student materials. Each of these resources must be compiled into an annotated bibliography.

NPR Radio Broadcast: Among Dartmouth’s Lathes and Saws

TED Talk Ken Robinson: How Schools Kill Creativity

S-USH: The Origins of Creativity

 Part II What is Creativity? ___/20 Points

Using these resources, students must then personally define what it means to be creative. This definition must be at least 500 words and include citations and examples of creative works. Student opinion is key to this definition and can not be derived exclusively from one resource.

 Part III Create Something? ___/15 Points and  ___/15 Points

Each student must create an original item and  reflect on the creative process. You will present the product to the class and explain how your creative process works. (3-5 Mins)

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Sociology: Movie Review Project

The Hunger Games Read the rest of this entry

Class Activities Spring Semester Week Ten

First week of the Fourth Nine Weeks.

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