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ISS Unit 02: Government Congressional Research

From the following list of current/former members of the US House of Reps. and US Senate Pick 6. Your group must include all of the following: a Democrat, a Republican, a Senator, a Representative, a Woman, a Minority, a Kentuckian,  and a person currently in office.

Henry Clay Samuel T Rayburn Maxine Waters
Jeanette Rankin Robert C Byrd John Q Adams
Daniel Inouye Lyndon B Johnson Strom Thurmond
Davy Crocket Robert M LaFollette Daniel Webster
Nancy Pelosi Jim Clyburn Robert Taft
Barabra Jordan Mitch McConnell Harold Ford Sr.
Chack Rangel John C Calhoun Tom Lantos

The Flipped Classroom

Here is a collection of articles about the new teaching method that I’ll be using in my Freshmen Government class.

Forbes: What is the Flipped Classroom

Reuters: Moving beyond our vacuous education reform discussions

Educause: 7 Things to Know About the Flipped Classroom

Edutopia: Collection of Articles

Summer Update

Soph. World Lit Class (English II) Here is the link to the list: Link Work from the summer reading is due no later than August 30. Anyone who needs an example of a book review here is a link to all of my book reviews and my Goodreads account. I plan on using this web based account as a part of class this year. Students are encouraged to put

US History students should complete their work for Mr. Rhodus’s American Lit class and be ready for class on the first day of school. I recommend that you begin placing your notes and ideas about  Huckleberry Finn  and The Scarlet Letter on your blogs from sophomore English. We will continue to use these throughout the US history class and discuss the correlation of these books to US History.

Freshmen Government and Economics students should also be ready for class on the first day of school. Look below for a list of required items for all of my classes. Lord of the Flies will be discussed during out class and the ideas of free will and the social contract.

Psychology/Sociology students should be ready for class on the first day of school and look at those class webpages for anything you may need.

Items for Class

  • One Three Ring Prong paper folder. Amazon
  • Pencils and/or black pens.
  • A working email address for the student.
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