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Eng 10 Update

We are into our third week of class and our second unit of study. Tuesday we started our readings of the selections from the Homer and Virgil and will be reading other contemporaries of their time. If you have lost your study outline the link is here.

Vocab Group 1 quiz will be on Thursday. I’ll follow that up with a brief noun/pronoun grammar lesson and your individual reading assignments for Achilles’ Shield (The Iliad BookXVII


ENG10: Apr 6-10

Julius Caesar!!!

Mon: Intro to William Shakespeare, Elizabethan Theater and Julius Caesar.

Tues: Julius Caesar Day Two

  • Grammar Lesson on Subject Verb Agreement.
  • View the rest of Act One and All of Act Two.

Wed: Philosophers Battle

Thurs: Julius Caesar Day Three

  • Grammar work Continues
  • Watch Act Three and Table discussions.

Fri: Julius Caesar Day Four

  • Vocabulary Quiz: Group JC
  • Finish Act Four and Five

ENG Vocab 11 and Grammar

Last week and let’s crank it up to 11.
Here are the definitions. Vocabulary Group 11
Quiz is April 25.  The Quiz will be moved to Monday, April 28

Guide to Grammar:
Conjunctions and Comma Usage
SchoolHouseRock! conjunction junction

Grammar Quiz will be on Thursday, May 1.

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