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USHistory Unit 03: Progressive Enrichment

Students may choose one of two individual projects:

  • Look at different places of Progressive history at EKU, in Madison Co, and KY.
    • Students are to take pics and promote the places via social media
    • post a reflection on their WordPress page​
  • ​Listen to the NPR T-shirt project about the global garment industry

This is not a required project but an enrichment activity for students.

Unit Two: Essay Assignment

For years, Confederate memorabilia has fallen into and out of popularity, and  Native American based mascots and sports teams have been chosen for re-development.  Of course it is a combination of reasons:  sectional racism, political correctness, popular heritage, cultural shifts, familial patriotism, alumni pride.

Find three different memorials or sports teams (not necessarily Confederate or Native American) that are currently being discussed for demolition or removal.

  • Explain the history of monument.
  • Why is it being challenged?
  • What are possible alternatives to destruction?

Eng10 Blogs Update

For all of my students I wanted to tell you that I received several invites to read blogs. I have found an interesting issue, each site that was set to private will not allow me to see the site. On Thursday, after the vocab quiz, we will correct this issue and then post our first blog dealing with literature. Hope all is well and that everyone has a lively weekend.

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