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Asian Studies 2014: Culminating Project

Due Monday, May 19.

  • Students are to submit a digital product (i.e. PowerPoint, Prezi, Video)
  • Must include MLA Citation Page
  • Use at least 10 different sources.
  • Generate a Travel Vita for a 10 day business trip.  (2-3 travel days, 1-2 Business work days, 5-7 Culture days.)
  • Cultural Itinerary: 5-7 days of events that take place in both the morning or afternoon.
  • Cultural and Historical Facts about the area.

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Asian Studies: Dehli Sultanate

How and when did Dehli and Lahore rise to importance?
What was India like during the time following the collapse of the Gupta Empire?
How did the Dehli Sultanate come into being?
Where is Gujarat? What was its importance during 1200s and 1300s?
How did the Mongolians, specifically Timur, end the dominance of Dehli?

Asian Studies: South Asia Map

Afghanistan: Kabul
Pakistan: Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore
India: New Delhi, Bhopal, Calcutta, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai
Sri Lanka: Colombo
Nepal: Katmandu
Bhutan: Thimphu
Bangladesh: Dhaka
Myanmar: Yangon

Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal
Indus R, Ganges R, Brahmaputra R, Salween R, Irrawaddy R
Great Indian Desert, Himalayan MTS, Hindu Kush

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