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Recap of class activities from the week.

ENG10: Feb23-27

Mon-Wed: Students will be working on the Persona Projects that are due on Thursday.

Wednesday Grammar Quiz on Comma and Conjunctions

Thursday-Friday: Persona Project Presentations

Friday Grammar Quiz or children’s book on Prepositions

ARS: Reading and Response

Read the following two articles.

WaPo: Politics of LA Football

AP: LA NFL Stadium Development

When you are done raise your hand and ask for the second part of the activity.

ARS: Read and Respond

Open a Word Document and complete the following activity.

  •  You may copy and paste but use proper citation.

Read the Following Articles from the Washington Post

  • Article: Kentucky students to state lawmakers: Our voices should matter
  • Article: Controversial riders threaten Kentucky Student voice bill.

About the Bill

  • When was the bill introduced?
  • What does it propose?
  • Who supports it and who is against it?
  • How could it impact Model?

Who is the Prichard Committee?

  • What does the Artical say?
  • What does their webpage say?

What are Riders?

  • What two Riders were added to the bill? Who wrote them?
  • Why would they “hurt” the bill?

Find additional articles about the bill.

  • Two From Kentucky newspapers
  • One from another newspaper, not the Washington Post

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