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Recap of class activities from the week.

ENG10 Blogs

Personal Responses

  • There should be at least ten (10).
  • All your choice.

Literature Responses

  • Unit 01: You and the Internet
  • Unit 02: Ruth=Love?, Flood Stories, Death, Create a Myth
  • Unit 03: Trojan War: Article Responses
  • Unit 03: Trojan War Project
    • Which of the Major Characters would be your friend?
    • Which of the female characters should be considered strong woman?
    • Who is the real tragic hero Achilles or Aeneas?
    • Who was the least justified: Hector k. Patroclus, Achilles k. Hector, Pyrrhus k. Priam?
    • Who is at fault for creating the war? Why? (Greeks, Trojans, Gods)
  • Unit 04: What is a Parody and do you think that Don Quixote is a good example?
    • (Your Opinion not based on others’ view of it as a great work of fiction.)
  • Unit 05: Dante’s Inferno Answer pg 665 #14 or 15 (Optional)
  • Unit 06: Julius Caesar respond to two questions.
    • Who is the real protagonist? Required
    • Explain the foreshadowing.
    • Explain the motivation of the three main conspirators.
    • Defense of Democracy or an Attack on Monarchy?
  • Unit 07: Post 10 poems
  • Unit 08: Short Story

ENG10 Poetry Unit

Follow the jump link to see all of the work due for the poetry unit.

Google Doc: link

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ENG10: Apr 6-10

Julius Caesar!!!

Mon: Intro to William Shakespeare, Elizabethan Theater and Julius Caesar.

Tues: Julius Caesar Day Two

  • Grammar Lesson on Subject Verb Agreement.
  • View the rest of Act One and All of Act Two.

Wed: Philosophers Battle

Thurs: Julius Caesar Day Three

  • Grammar work Continues
  • Watch Act Three and Table discussions.

Fri: Julius Caesar Day Four

  • Vocabulary Quiz: Group JC
  • Finish Act Four and Five

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