ENG10 Poetry Unit

Follow the jump link to see all of the work due for the poetry unit.

Google Doc: link


All of the following activities should be in your poetry notebook.

Activity One Create Poetry notebook and personalize it —-/5

Read Respond to Catulus, Sappho, Rubaiyat


Activity Two Read Respond to Ars Poetica and American Poetry —-/5

Read Respond to Body Parts and Titanic Poetry


Activity Three Read Respond to Daily Life Poetry —/5

Read Respond to Metaphorical Poetry


Activity Four Found Poetry Activity —/5


Activity Five Watch and Respond to Casey at the Bat —/5


Poetry Drafts (Drafts of each poem should be in your poetry notebook as well.) —/10


Poetry Notebook Grade —/35

Required Poems


Lyric and/or Love Poem —-/5

Poem and Poetry —-/5

Body Parts Poem —-/5

Poem about Daily Life —-/5

Metaphorical Poem —-/5

Nature Poem —-/5

Haiku (2) —-/5

Extraordinary Ordinary —-/5

Poetry of Choice about You (2) —-/10

Poem of Choice (2) —-/10

Blackout Poem —-/5

Ransom Poem —-/5

Total (Must submit at least ten poems via blog) —-/50


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