ENG10 Weekly Update Jan 12

Ancient Texts: Flood

  • “The Flood” and “The Return” from Gilgamesh
  • “Noah and the Ark” from Book of Genesis
  • “Deucalion” and “Tata and Nena”

Choice of blog postings: Why do different cultures have a common flood story?

Hebrew Bible Reading: Book of Ruth

Choice of blog postings: Is the story of Ruth a tale of love, compassion, or both?

New Testament Readings: Parables of Jesus

Required writing: Recreate one of the parables using a modern setting and motif.

Vocabulary Group 1 Quiz

Thursday, Jan 15

Religious Poetry: Readings from Psalms and Koran

  • Understand the function of parallelism and antithesis
  • Look at examples of didactic literature

Presentation: History of Religious Texts


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