US History Finals

Students are to complete all blog assignments for the school year. In addition, they are to complete one of the essay questions listed below. Students are to complete this alone and will have class time each day for the rest of this week.

  1. Explain how the relationship between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton shaped the first group of political parties.
  2. Explain which of the following changed the course of America more: Lincoln’s Cooper Union Address, WJ Bryan’s Cross of Gold Speech, Wilson’s 14 Points Speech, or FDR’s Four Freedom’s Speech.
  3. Explain which of the following was the most influential in the expansion of the US: LA Purchase, Texas Statehood, Alaska, Hawaii, Gadsden Purchase, or Acquisitions from Mex-Amer. War and Span-Amer. War.
  4. Explain which of the following events had a more drastic change on American daily life: Creation of Segregation in the South,  Passage and Repeal of Prohibition, Expansion of Voting Rights (Amends 14, 18, 26), or Civil Rights Movement of 1950′ and 1960’s.
  5. During the Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson Administrations US policy was to completely destroy the USSR with nuclear weapons if they attacked the US first, Why does this policy not make sense?
  6. What do you think was Nixon’s role in the Agnew Resignation and the Watergate Break-in? Was he a nihilistic mastermind or simply a victim of political paranoia?

Below is a list of links to all of the Blog Topics this Semester.


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