US History Unit 05 Research and Blogs

Research the following groups of terms:

Supply-Side Economic Theory, Hawley-Smoot Tariff, Dawes Plan
Demand-Side Economic Theory, John Maynard Keynes, Hoover Dam, New Deal

Student Choice

Scandals:  “Ohio Gang,” “New Normalcy,” TeaPot Dome Scandal, Red Scare

Prohibition: Volstead Act, Treasury Department, Speakeasies vs. Moonshiners



All blogs should be completed by Sunday, Oct 26.

Summer Reading Essay: Good Movies

Summer Reading Essay: Bad Maovies

Dances with Wolves Essay: Good or Bad Movie

Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton: Research on National Bank and Federalist Party

Texas Research: Gained Independence then Statehood

Western Research: Homestead, Morrill and Railroad Acts of 1860’s

Political Speeches Research: Lincoln’s Cooper Union Hall and 1964 Inagural Speeches

Political Speeches Research: WJ Bryan’s Cross of Gold speech



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