US History Unit 03: Topical Research

 American cartoon of WJ Bryan.

American cartoon by Grant Hamilton, 1896, on William Jennings Bryan’s ‘Cross of Gold’ speech at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, which won Bryan the presidential nomination. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Class Reading

Students are to read and respond to the excerpt from Bryan’s  Cross of Gold speech. Link

Web Research

How do WJ Bryan’s beliefs relate to those of the The Grange (Farmers Alliance) and the Populist Party?

Who were the muckrakers? What was the work of Jacob Riis and Lincoln Steffens about?

How did the work of Susan B Anthony and Carrie Nation relate? How was it different?

Who were the Robber Barons of America? Why were called this? What kind of philanthropic work did they do? (Hint: Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Morgan, Rockefeller)

What is the idea of Social Darwinism? How does it relate to the Muckrakers and the Robber Barons?


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