US History: The Republican Party and Lincoln’s Cooper Union Speech

Cooper Union Building 1858

Cooper Union Building 1858 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the late 1840’s, enough politicians wanted to create a new party to compete against the Jacksonian Democrats; thus, the birth of the Republican Party.

Find out the following:

  • Who created the Party?
  • What was there Party platform? (Major Issues)
  • Who were there first major candidates and why?

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln gave an address to members of the Republican Party.In his speech, he explained who he was, what he believed in, and most importantly how to save America. He got the party nomination to run for president.

Read the speech and response to it on your blog. Some ideas on what to write about include:

  • Lincoln’s view on slavery
  • What is a Republican!
  • What he would do as President.
  • Would you be swayed by the speech?

Link to Speech


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