Asian Studies Readings: Ancient and Classical Japan

Research the following questions. Try not to use only Wikipedia.

Day One Readings

  • What was life in Japan like before the 1100’s?
  • What were the major periods during the “Classical Period” of Japan? Who were the ruling families
  • Who was Fujiwara no Michinaga?
  • What was the first capital of Japan? Why was it built there and why did it move?
  • How does Buddhism come to Japan? Why does it become the national religion?

Day Two Readings

  • What is the Nihon Shoki? How important is to Japanese history? Mythology?
  • Describe the story of the Sun Goddess and the founding of Japan.
  • Describe the story of Emperor Jimmu
  • Describe what are Kami and their importance.
  • Select one of the stories related to the Sun Goddess or Emperor Jimmu and create a comic strip.
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