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Strait of HormuzStrait of Hormuz by Davis Bunn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Davis Bunn hits the Marc once again. This latest addition to the Marc Royce novels is a great example of when a writer is in his stride with a long-term character. In this one, the US and Israel believe that the Iranian nuclear program has bought missile and launching components from North Korea, thus enters Marc Royce. As always, he is unofficial layman working for CIA.

The plot seems like a reversed Iran-Contra. Semi-rogue agents within the Iranian government are secretly selling forged artworks to pay for the development of nuclear program. Royce is sent to investigate and Kitra is pulled into the action. Beginning with a bombing inside of an art gallery this story continues through the richest parts of Europe’s art dealer lifestyle. This time the espionage is layered with relationship issues as the two try to find a way to love one another and still be the people God wants them both to be. As always, faith and the underground church play a major role, this time the Iranian diaspora are put center stage.
In the end, this a punchy, quick read that is right on point with the Marc Royce from the first book, Lion of Babylon. If Bunn continues this way with the Marc Royce series I could have a new replacement for my go to spy novels.

I read this book as part of the NetGalley Advance Reader Program.

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