US History: Unit 04 Imperialism Timeline

First Global Age Timeline Directions:  Take the following list and divide the events into columns based on these Areas: Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia, and Americas. Some events will be placed in multiple columns.

Due in Class Monday, Sept. 30

Choose two and write a blog post about your opinion of the event. This is not a description but an opinion.

Link to the preliminary lecture on global imperialism  Link

1840    Unequal Treaty forces trade and the opening of ports

1845    Great Irish Famine

1850    Revolutions Begin in the Balkans

Crimean War

Taiping Rebellion Begins Ends 1864

1853    Commodore Matthew Perry Arrives in Japan

1855    Alexander II becomes Czar

1858    British Rule of India Begins

1860    British Political Reforms Begin (Creation of the Modern Conservative & Liberal Parties)

1866    Meiji Restoration begins in Japan (Ends 1912)

1867    Austria-Hungary create the Dual Monarchy

1869    Suez Canal Opens

1870    Franco-Prussian War

FrenchThirdRepublic is created

Italian Unification

1871    Germany Becomes Unified

1880    Berlin Conference to decide European Colonies in Africa

First Automobile is built in Germany

1881    Alexander II Assassinated; Alexander III become Czar

1885    First Indian National Congress

1890    Young Revolutions Begin (Lenin is an active member)

1893    New Zealand is the first country to have women’s suffrage

1894    Sino-Japanese War

1895    Dreyfus Affair shows the spread of Anti-Semitism

1897    First Zion Congress meets in Switzerland

1898    Spanish American War

Cuban Independence

USA takes control of the Philippine Islands, Puerto Rico, and various other islands

1899    Boer War breaks out in South Africa between Leaders and Local tribal warriors

Boxer Rebellion Breaks out and would continue for 12 years

1900    Russia is plagued by multiple Duma and confusing leadership

Massive USA corporations spurn workers to create unions

1903    Panama revolts and declares independence with USA backing

1904    Panama Canal begins construction

Russo- Japanese War

Theodore Roosevelt wins Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the Peace Treaty

1905    Revolts lead to Bloody Sunday

1906    Muslim League Develops a separatist movement in India

1908    A multi-national Army is used to subdue the Boxers

1910    British Parliament: House of Commons and House of Lords begin to shift power roles

China is on the verge of becoming a republic with the help of Sun Yixian

Korea is absorbed into the Japanese Empire


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