US History Unit 3 Project

Each group will be assigned a set of terms. Work for the project must be presented in class on Monday, Sept 23.

The each person in the group must define, and draw a small picture by hand, the words and explain how they correspond to the Industrial Age of America.

Each group will create a short skit and a Prezi or Slide Rocket presentation. Must contain a Citation document.

No PowerPoint!

Spoils System (Civil Service)

Weak Presidents (Grant/Harrison)

Credit Mobilier Scandal

Salary Grab

Political Machine


Lincoln Steffens

Upton Sinclair



Edwin L. Drake

Bessemer Process (Steel)

Th. A. Edison (Electricity/Light Bulb)

Alexander G. Bell (Telephone)

Christopher Sholes (Typewriter)

Wm. Jenney (Skyscraper)

Industrial Pollution


Munn v. Illinois 1877

Wabash, St. Louis, & Pacific RR v. Illinois 1886

Interstate Commerce Commission 1887

Sherman Antitrust Act 1890

US v. EC Knight Co. 1895

In re Debs 1895

Plessy v. Ferguson 1908




Collective Bargaining

General Strike

Mother Jones

Knights of Labor (T Powderly)

Amer Fed Of Labor (S Gompers)

Itnl Ladies Garments Workers United

Industrial Workers of the World


“Golden Door”

Ellis Island

Angel Island


Chinese Exclusion Act

Gentlemen’s Agreement

Americanization Movement

Social Gospel Movement

Jane Addams


National Labor Union


Eugene V. Debs

Great Railway Strike

Haymaker Square Riot

Homestead Strike

Pullman Strike

Lawrence Textile Strike

Triangle Shirtwaist Co. Fire


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