ENGII Blogs: Fourth Nine Weeks

Write six personal blogs; as well as, the writings below

Personas Project

  • Who had the best and worst presentation? What could you have done to make your project better?

Dante’s Inferno

  • Read pg 645-664  Blog about #14 or 15

Julius Caesar (Choose One)

  • Explain who is the protagonist of the story.
  • Is the story a defence of the Roman Republic or an attack on future Roman Dictators?


  • Post both of your selected poems from the unit.

Asian Literature

  • An Astrologer’s Day read pg 1054-1060 Ans #9
  • Describe the differences between the two Chinese readings. they are semi-autobiographical.

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Social Studies and English Assistant Professor at Model Lab School, EKU. My interests include education technology, social media in the classroom, politics, creativity studies, comic books, and writing.

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