Asian Studies Unit 6 Assessment

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Asian Studies Test: Complete at least 4 of the following questions.

  • Explain the concept of the Chinese Autonomous Regions and compare the difference between two of them.

  • Describe Maoist China and how his policies both advanced and deterred economic and political growth.

  • Explain how the Vietnam War influenced the development of Southeast Asian independence, include information on the roles of USA, USSR, and China.

  • Describe the process of the independence movement in British India, include information on the creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

  • Explain how the differing views of Communist influenced the relationships of China and her neighbors.

  • Describe the creation of DPRKorea and the ROKorea and their relationship today.

  • Describe the rise of the modern Japan and how the post-war occupation by the USA both advanced and deterred economic and political growth.

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