Asian Studies: Culminating Projects

Due Friday, May 24.

  • Students are to submit a digital product (i.e. PowerPoint, Prezi, Video, SlideRocket)
  • Must include MLA Citation Page
  • Use of at least 10 different sources.
  • Generate a Travel Vita for a 10 day business trip.  (2-3 travel days, 1-2 Business work days, 5-7 Culture days.)
  • Cultural Itinerary: 5-7 days of events that take place in both the morning or afternoon.
  • Cultural and Historical Facts about the area.

List of students and Places

Ashley- Tokyo Cara- Kyushu Island
Ashlee- Cambodia Cassidy- Thailand
Bradley- Seoul Conor- Bangladesh
Drew- Vladivostok Region Emily- DPRK
Eric- Sri Lanka Jillian- Ho Chi Minh Region
Haidar- Beijing Madison- Hainan
John John- Bhutan Michaela- Kabal
John- Macau Rachel- Taiwan
Kate- Xinjiang Region Taylor- Okinawa
Matthew- Nepal Travis- Shanghai
Peter- Mt. Fuji Region Wyatt- Tibet
Ryley- Hong Kong

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