Sociology: Movie Review Project

The Hunger Games

Due May 8: Develop a paragraph of your bias before viewing the movie in class.

  • Watched before; when and why.
  • Read before; when and why.
  • Perceptions as of right now.

Due May 14: Groups 5 divide up the following observation topics.

  • Socio-economic Classes (Boundaries both physical and economic)
  • Means of Communication (Oral, Written, Tech, Body Language)
  • The Actual Hunger Games (Both existence and restrictions)
  • Role of Technology (Process and Purpose
  • Government & Citizens  (Perceptions of power)

Due May 21: Group Submissions (Digitally)

  • Individual Prose response to the Movie
    • Not Bulleted
    • 350 Words
  • Group Commentaries to each others Obeservations.
    • Approx. a paragraph
  • Personal Movie Review
    • How does this movie support a specific Sociologist Theory?
    • 750-1500 words.

About Model_BFW

Social Studies and English Assistant Professor at Model Lab School, EKU. My interests include education technology, social media in the classroom, politics, creativity studies, comic books, and writing.

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