Asian Studies Readings: Taiwanese Independence

Flag of World Taiwanese Congress

Flag of World Taiwanese Congress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since 1949, Taiwan has constantly redeveloped its relationship with the USA and China.  Some are assuming that this is leading to an independence of Taiwan in the near future, possibly in 2013 or 2014. Answer the following questions about this issue after reading the articles.

  1. What are benefits to Taiwan of independence?
  2. What factors are leading the way for Taiwanese Independence?
  3. What are downsides to Taiwan of independence?
  4. What factors are hindering  Taiwanese Independence?
  5. If Taiwan gains independence, what would happen to the Chinese Autonomous Regions?

BBC News Special Report

  • This report has multiple pages and a great look for a western perspective.

PBS Article Report

  • An extensive report and research on the issue.

Focus Taiwan

  • This is a major news service of Taiwan.

South China Morning Post

  • This article was published 04/30/13


  • Some of the material and facts are dated.

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