EngII: Test Essay Retake

Students will be abel to re-write their essay and turn it in by Monday, April 15.

The question below refers to the selection “from Candide.”

At first, Candide naively believes Pangloss’s teachings about life. However, by the end of the story, Candide’s opinions change. Explain what causes Candide’s philosophy of life to change. Cite specific examples from the text.


The question below refers to the selection “from Brother Onion.”

What types of irony are included in “Brother Onion”? Which elements of the story are ironic?


The question below refers to the selection Don Quixote.

Don Quixote is a parody of books of chivalry, which tell of the lives, loves, and deeds of brave knights. Does Cervantes use Don Quixote only to mock the ideals of chivalry, or is there a heroic side to Don Quixote’s character as well? Support your response with evidence from the excerpt from Don Quixote.


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