Class Activities Spring Semester Week Ten

First week of the Fourth Nine Weeks.

Sophomore English (No Quizzes this week.)
Monday: Read Intro on Medieval-Enlightenment Literature and answer 6 questions. Read “the Song of Roland” ans #5-8 (Unit outline englishii-unit04)
Tuesday: Arthurian Legends Discuss Chivalry, Good Manners and Feminism. Read Chevrefoil ans #4,5 and Read “The Grail” ans #4-8
Wednesday: Scandinavian Readings, “The End of all Things”  (explain why everything must be destroyed) and “How Siegfried was Slain” ans #5-8
Thursday: Read “Brother Onion” ans#4,6-8 What is the difference between Satire and Parody?
Friday: Read “Don Quixote” ans #4-8 Continue discussion on Satire and Parody.

East Asian Studies
Monday: Research readings on Pre-war Japan
Tuesday: Finish research readings
Wednesday: Discussion about the Chinese Republic (1900-1930)
Thursday:  Discussion on the First Sino-Japanese War
Friday: Readings on the Russo-Japanese War

Monday: Work Day
Tuesday:Begin of Chapter 7 definitions
Wednesday: Lecture on Chapter 7 first day
Thursday: Lecture on Chapter 7 second day
Friday: Weekly reading


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