English Activities: Trojan War Projects

Culminating Project for The Iliad and The Aeneid are due March 6, 2013

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  • Comic Strip

Create and draw a comic strip showing a mixture of major and minor scenes during the war. Your comic should be at least eight panels with speech or thought bubbles. It should be completed on unlined paper.

  • Epic Characters Collage

Choose two main characters from any of the three epics and create a collage of their personality traits using images from magazines and/or your own drawings. Choose at least one passage/quote that typifies your characters’ point of view. All collages will be displayed in the classroom or hallway.

  • Illustrator Extraordinaire

Chose a major scene and create a mini poster (approx 15”x 20”) illustration of the scene. Be sure to write a brief caption on the back. It should be completed on unlined paper.

  • Costume Designer

Select two of the main characters. Create designs for clothing/armor that four of main characters would wear. It should be completed on unlined paper, very detailed, in color and include fabric.

  • Personal Blog

Select one of main characters and create a personal blog page on Wikispaces. It should include a pivotal excerpt from one of the stories and an explanation of what it has been like in the Greek Underworld or an opinion of the movie adaptations of the character’s life.

Using any small box create a collection at least four scenes that represent the main aspects of the epics. The majority of the items in the box should be handmade/created at home and not purchased.

  • Outside the Boundaries

Read one of the following books of Homer’s Iliad (Book V or Book XX). Write a 1-2 pg literature review that compares Homer and Virgil’s views of the hero Aeneas.

  • Gossip Rags (May be created as a group of 2-3)

Create a mini-tabloid newspaper. Become the gossip columnist that is updating the Greeks at home. Look at Us Weekly or the National Enquirer for examples

  • TMZ(May be created as a group of 2-3)

Create a tabloid video blog, 3-5 minutes long. Be sure to explain the “gossip” issues of the story and make some suggestions of how the Gods and Goddess intervening.


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