EngII 3rd Nine Weeks Required List

Complete at least five of the following required class blogs.

Gilgamesh: If you could live forever just the way your look now, would accept the gift? Why/Why not?

New Testament Proverbs: rewrite one of the Proverbs in a modern setting/language.

Sundiatta: Compare Sundiatta to your ideal hero.  Does he embody too much of a foreign culture for your liking?

Modern Africa: Essay Response to The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses p1029 #9 or The Train From Rhodesia p1015 #10

Norwegian Rat: Do research on Egypt’s current government. Could this story also explain the events taking place in Egypt today, why/why not?

The Iliad and The Aeneid:  Compare whether Achilles or Aeneas to a modern hero/superhero. Would you follow either as your leader in battle on or as a King/Ruler?

You must also complete six individual personal blogs of your choice.


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