Spring Semester Week Seven

Happy President’s Day!! This is a short week with no school on Monday.

Sophomore English
Tuesday: Review Iliad Books XXII and XXIV. Begin Reading Aeneid.
Wednesday: Finish reading excerpts from the Aeneid and answer questions
Thursday: Read Articles on the connections between Science Fiction and Classic Literature
Friday: Vocabulary Quiz Group 6 and Grammar Quiz on Adjectives and Adverbs

East Asian Studies
Tuesday: Map Quiz on Korea and Japan. Discussion on Feudal China and Japan
Wednesday:  Read and discuss the elements of daimyo power structures and the samurai
Thursday: Continue discussion on formal Japanese court structures and the Chinese Tribute System.
Friday: Video on samurai life.

Tuesday: Review of Gender Socilaization readings. 
Wednesday: Review unit on culture and socialization
Thursday: Test on Unit Two.
Friday: Readings on Feminism and the Hajab


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