Spring Semester Week Five

Crazy weather for the week. Congratulations to the Boy’s Basketball team.

Sophomore English (Vocab Group 4 and Verbs)
Monday: Reading Persian Poetry pg 557 #1,2,5-7 and Arab Anecdotes p568 #1,4,6,7
Tuesday: Read Koran (Qur’an) Excerpts p545 #5,7,8
Wednesday: Read The Fisherman and the Jinnee p551 #6-8
Thursday: Read Dead Man’s Path p1000 #4-7
Reader’s Choice: “The Train From Rhodesia” p1009 #5-9 or “The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses” p1023 #4-8
Friday: Vocab-Grammar Quiz, Read ” The Norwegian Rat” p1037 #3,5-7
Hmwk Blog: What is Egypt like Currently? Could this story happen their today, why/why not?

East Asian Studies
Monday: Notes on Proto-Korean Kingdoms
Tuesday: Reading and discussion on Proto-Japanese Kingdoms
Wednesday: Project on Japanese Myths Day One
Thursday:Project on Japanese Myths Day Two
Friday: Map Quiz and Project on Japanese Myths Day Three.

Monday:Complete Vocabulary for chapters 2 and 3.
Tuesday: Discussion of the types of research from Chapter 2
Wednesday: Develop a research project.
Thursday: Find examples of High Culture, Pop Culture, Cultural Change and Cultural Diversity in the news.
Friday: Share and discuss examples.


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