Week 18: Class Activities

EOC exams in US History, Algebra II, and Biology this week. Also, Happy Hanukkah!

ISS Government: Senate debate Continues.
US History: End of Course Exam
Psychology: Student Work Day

ISS Government: Final Senate Debate Day
US History: Student work day
Psychology: Student work day

ISS Government : Senate Debate Day
US History: Student work day. Hmwk: Read 29 Sec 2 &3 pg 920 Ans #18-23 and Define GATT, NAFTA, CAFTA, Globalization, Global Terrorism, USA Patriot Act, US Foreign Policy: Genocide
Psychology: Student work day

ISS Government : Model UN Debates
US History: Lecture on 21st Century Issues
Psychology: Student work day

ISS Government : Model UN Debates
US History:  Readings on Globalization (Ralph Nadar & Brookings Institute) and Genocide Essays (Samantha Power & MICHAEL ABRAMOWITZ, LAWRENCE WOOCHER)
Psychology: Student work day


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