Week 16: Class Activities

Great Week ahead and a lot of things going on this week at EKU.

ISS Government: Senate debate
US History: Research the following terms and create web map.
Marshall Plan, NATO, Warsaw Pact, East and West Germany, European Union, Greek Civil War, Taiwan, United Nations, Korean War, Pres D. Eisenhower, Primer N. Khrushchev, Yugoslavia, Marshall Tito, CIA, KGB
Psychology: Research day for project

ISS Government: Senate Debate Day
US History: Discussion of Terms and the beginning of Cold War.
Psychology: Lecture on Therapies and types of psychological disorders

ISS Government : Senate Debate Day
US History: Lecture on the Domestic Events of
Psychology: Day one of  A Perfect Mind 

ISS Government : Senate Debate Day
US History: Madison Co. Career Fair (No Class)
Psychology: Day Three of A Perfect Mind 

ISS Government : Senate Debate Day
US History:  Middle East Map Quiz. Video on 1950’s USA Take home test due Monday.
Psychology:Day four of A Perfect Mind


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