Week 12: Class Activities

Halloween and All Saints’ Day are this week; as well as, the end to Eid al Adha. Its a multicultural mashup.

ISS Government: Test Review and students get back their first test.
US History: Notes on Hoover’s Administration and the 1932 Election
Psychology: Vocabulary on Chapter 7

ISS Government: Finish Review
US History: Views of the New Deal- Myths, Realities, and Political Bias (Video)
Psychology: Review on Chap 7

ISS Government : Test on Unit Two
US History: Test review
Psychology: Test Review

ISS Government : Senate debate assignments for students
US History: Test on 1920s and 1930s
Psychology: Test on Ab Psych and stages of development

ISS Government : Students generate list of bill topics and begin research
US History: Europe Group 3 Map Quiz, Time in computer lab for research.
Psychology: Begin Unit Three notes


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