Week 11: Class Activities

An interesting week ahead. The last Presidential Debate is Wednesday night at 9:00pm

ISS Government: Begin Unit Three and Four. Begin working on Congressional debate process
US History: Work in the Computer Lab ofr a research day.
Psychology: Guest Speaker Mitch Holbrook

ISS Government:Continue notes on the Congress
US History:Mini-lecture on the elements of Jazz and the identification of a true American Music genre
Psychology:Lecture on Adult Life and Aging


ISS Government : Student research on political POV

US History: Notes and viewing of NYC Documentary excerpt. Grades on 1920’s work taken

Psychology: Continue lecture on Adulthood and Aging


ISS Government : Bill writing. Using the MS Word Doc outline students begin writing drafts.

US History: Begin Notes on Great Depression

Psychology: Lecture on Abnormal Psychology.


ISS Government : Students generate list of bill topics

US History: Europe Group 2 Map Quiz, Time in computer lab for research.

Psychology: Finish Lecture on Abnormal Psychology


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Social Studies and English Assistant Professor at Model Lab School, EKU. My interests include education technology, social media in the classroom, politics, creativity studies, comic books, and writing.

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