Week Ten: Class Activities

Hope everyone is having a wonderful October. This week begins the second grading period.

ISS Government : Finish reviewing of the elements of the Federal Bureaucracy.
US History: Students received Midterm exams and were given mini lecture on Soviet Revolution.
Psychology: Students completed any late nine weeks work.

ISS Government : Students read Chap 25 Sec 2 and began lecture on Global Organizations
US History: Students completed book work and received outline for 1920-1950 Project
Psychology: Lecture on stages of development.

ISS Government : Finished Global organizations lecture and graded notes/bookwork for the unit.
US History: PSAT class were used as a study hall
Psychology: Continue lecture on Childhood development

ISS Government : Test Review
US History: Lecture on 1920’s US
Psychology: Lecture on adolescent development.

ISS Government : Unit One and Two test
US History: Map Quiz Europe Group 1, Video on life in the Roaring Twenties
Psychology: Finish Lecture on adolescent development


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