Week Six: Class Activities

Spirit Week Part Two. For those unaware, school will still have spirit week this week as well. Throw Back Tuesday, Wake Up Wednesday, and Red/Blue Thursday

Monday: No School!


ISS Government : CReview first part of Three Branches of government chart, Legislature and continue with researching Executive

US History: Continue group research for Unit 04 Project. Dances with Wolves Movie review is due.

Psychology: Class lecture on Humanist Philosophy in Psychology.


ISS Government : Bill writing. Using the MS Word Doc outline students begin writing drafts.

US History: Notes and viewing of NYC Documentary exerpt.

Psychology: Students present collages to the class.


ISS Government : Continue bill writing drafts.

US History: Last day in the computer lab for projects. Students are to research the Statue of Liberty for their notes.

Psychology: Test Review.


ISS Government : Students present their bills to the class.

US History: Map Quiz Group 6 (Western US) and Group presentations. They will be videoed.

Psychology: first paper test of the nine weeks. Basics of Psychology and Psych Theory.


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