Week Eight: Fall Break !!!

Happy Fall Break to everyone.  Its the first of a two week spirit week.  and the fun has begun.

Monday (‘merica Day)
ISS Government: Begin day three of Nation Building project. Groups concentrate on creating trade and diplomatic alliances with countries in the world at-large and in the room.
US History: Day two of World War 1 notes. Homework: Read Chap 14 Sec 2 Ans 1-5 & Chap 14 Sec 4 Ans 1-7
Psychology: Presentation by Mrs. Rini about IQ testing.

Tuesday (Toga Day)
ISS Government: Finish Nation Building Project. Groups complete posters of their country.
US History: Day Three of World War 1 mini-unit discuss US homefront based on hmwk readings.
Psychology: Review of notes

Wednesday (Superhero Day)
ISS Government: Presentation of countries
US History: Map Test of the USA
Psychology: Re-test for Unit 01


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