Week Seven: Class Activities

This is the last full week of classes before Fall Break. A new group of students will rotate into ISS Government; while, the rest of my classes will stay the same.  I highly recommend students watch the 60 Minutes interview from Sunday. both Pres. Obama and Gov. Romney gave interesting information about their beliefs in government and ideas for the next four years.

ISS Government : Students seating assignments and a brief outline of the class. Review the syllabus
US History: Finish watching NYC Doc and for homework complete Political reformers chart.
Psychology: Review for test

ISS Government : Create list of Governments and begin defining. Google Doc will be used for class notes
US History: Handout Unit 4 notes, Read Chap 12 Sec 1 & 2, fill out chart in notes.
Psychology: Unit 01 Test

ISS Government : Discussion of forms of democracies and authoritarian governments
US History: Finish Chart on American Imperialism. Complete readings on “New” Imperialism and African Colonization
Psychology: Research day for projects

ISS Government : Discussion of historical personalities
US History: Primary sources reading day. Online
Psychology: Research day for projects

ISS Government : Group Projects for created nations.
US History: Map quiz USA Group 6
Psychology: Research day for projects and submit research papers


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