English: Grammar Unit

A diagram of the sentence "The very young...

“The very young elementary school children were misbehaving during the annual Chistmas performance in the school’s auditorium.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We will be studying grammar for the next two weeks and diagramming sentences.

Day One: develop a Part of Speech note sheet based on pg 1200 of the textbook. Homework, students are to identify the parts of speech from the first paragraph of their first blog post.

Day Two:  Vocabulary Quiz Group 12 and Basic diagramming skills using resources from English Grammar Revolution.

Day Three: Understanding Subject Adjective and Adverb clauses (prepositional phrases) pg400

Day Four: Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers pg634

Day Five:  Pop quiz and Subject Verb Agreement pg266

Day Six: Vocabulary Quiz Group 13 and Review Subject Verb Agreement

Day Seven: Verb Tenses pg536

Day Eight: Run-on Sentences, Direct References and Transitions pgs 822 and 1001


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