English: Asian Literature Unit

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Unit outline: ENG-U06-Asia

Students will be studying the elements of Indian, Chinese, and Japanese Literature. Each day they will read a selection of poetry and prose work. Stduents will be given some choices as to which readings they wish to complete. The following is a tentative schedule of reading days. Students will be expected to have the book work completed before class.

Monday:  Discuss students outlines of Indian, Chinese, and Japanese. Students then choose to read either  the Bhagavad Gita or Ramayana. For homework they are to read An Astrologer’s Day.

Tuesday: Brief discussion of the homework readings. Class readings of the brief  writings of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

Wednesday:Brief discussion of the homework readings. Read and discuss an excerpt from Chinese religious texts, Confucian or Taoist writings. For homework read Ocean of Words or Love Never Forgets.

Thursday: Brief discussion of the homework readings. Class readings of Two Kinds, this is only available in the classroom textbooks. We will discuss what makes literature come from a country, the writer, the writer’s culture, or the writer’s parent’s culture. Essay (Explain Where/what  your morals/wisdom come from and why.  Due Monday, April 16).

Friday: Vocabulary Quiz Group10 review  Group 11 and reading The Jay. Homework is to work on Morality and Wisdom essay.

Monday: Class readings for the day will be outside and be the comparison of three types of poetry, Tang, Haiku, and Tanka. Students will create their own versions of nature-based poetry in two of the three styles.  and  submit them in their journals.

Tuesday: Review the unit and answer any questions. Work on editing student papers in peer groups.

Wednesday: Test


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