Asian History: Chinese Archetecture

Use the following set of hyperlinks to answer the questions. If the title is linked it is the Google Maps site.
English: Great Wall of China at Mutianyu

Image via Wikipedia

Terra Cotta Warriors: Wikipedia    UNESCO

  • What was the original function of the warriors?
  • How many warriors exist? What direction do they face?

Mount Tai: Wikipedia   UNESCO

  • Why is the site significant to Taoist?
  • What are the major temples there?

Temple of Confucius: Wikipedia   UNESCO

  • Why is the temple located in Qufu?
  • What o they worship at the temple?

The Great Wall of China: Wikipedia     UNESCO

The Forbidden City: Wikipedia     UNESCO

  • List and describe 5 of the 11 areas within the Forbidden City

The Temple of Heaven: Wikipedia   UNESCO   China Highlights   Tourism

  • Explain the importance of the following places:
  1. Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest
  2. Nine-Dragon Cypress
  3. Sweet Spring Well
  4. Double-Circle Longevity Pillar

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