Freshmen Activities: Geography Terms

Physical Geography List of terms:

Students are to generate a visual dictionary of 20 terms.  All of the terms should be defined and each should be accompanied by a visual representation (10 hand drawn and 10 digital photos.) Choose from the list below.

Bodies of Water: Strait      Bay      Sea      Lake       Ocean      River      Sound      Delta      Natural Reef      Gulf      Ice Shelf      Inlet      Lagoon      Delta      Glacier

Landforms: Plateau      Mesa      Plain      Forest      Chaparral      Grasslands      Pampas      Foothills      Continental Divide         Bluffs   Mountain Pass      Mountain Ridge      Mountain Range      Mountain Peak            Island      Continent      Valley      Peninsula      Isthmus      Archipelago      Cape       Prairie

Man-made: Reservoir      Canal      Culvert/Arroyo      Harbor      Man-made Reef      Dam      Urban Sprawl


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