US History: Civil Rights Movement

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Using your textbook or the internet, define three terms from each column.

Medgar Evers Fannie Lou Hammer Little Rock Nine Civil Rights Act 1964
Malcolm X Jesse Jackson Black Panthers Voting Rights Act 1965
Stokley Carmichael Dr. ML King Jr. Freedom Riders Brown v. Bd of Ed 
Rosa Parks Thurgood Marshall SCLC Plessy v. Ferguson
Marion Berry SNCC CEEO Southern Manifesto

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Place following events in chronological order.

Medgar Evers Shooting Eisenhower Elected Little Rock Nine Civil Rights Act
Kent St and Jackson
St. Shootings
Pentagon Papers Cuban Missile
Malcolm X Shooting JFK Elected Black Panthers
Voting Rights Act
Dr. ML King Jr Shooting LBJ assumes office Freedom Riders
Brown v. Bd of Ed 
Rosa Parks Arrested LBJ Elected SCLC Created Plessy v. Ferguson
JFK Shooting Nixon Elected CEEO Created Southern Manifesto
RFK Shooting Vietnam Draft begins SNCC Created “I Have a
Dream” Speech
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