Government Unit 03 Responsibilities of Citizenship and Congress

Monday11/7: Prezi on what it means to be a citizen. To be completed ased on our point of view and opinion, not a book answer.

Wednesday 11/9:  Notes on the Obligations/Opportunities of a US Citizen

Thursday 11/10: Using the text book find three ways you can lose US Citizenship and #3,4,5 on p410.

Monday 11/14: Define the following terms

  • US Census
  • Difference between Reapportionment and Redistricting
  • Why is Gerrymandering wrong?
  • Difference between Sunshine Laws and Sunset Laws
  • Congressional Assistant: Legislative
  • Congressional Assistant: Administrative
  • Congressional Assistant: Committee Staff
  • Congressional Assistant: Case Workers
  • Congressional Assistant: Campaign Manager

Tuesday 11/15: Venn Diagram on House vs Senate and How a bill becomes a law

Thursday 11/17 and Friday 11/18: Watch “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”


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