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Select one of the following lists, research the Social Issues of Industrialization in the US, and develop a Prezi document explaining what you have found.  This will be used in place of your test for this unit.  All presentation links must be submitted to me by email by October 7. You must use at least three sources that are not Wikipedia, Google, or Yahoo. A Section that includes your citations is also required.

If you wish to see an example of my Prezi from last year go here.


Follow the link below to see the lists.

Group 1
Eugene V. Debs
Great Railway Strike
Haymarket Square Riot
Homestead Strike
Lawrence Textile Strike

Group 2
Mother Jones
Knights of Labor (T Powderly)
Amer Fed Of Labor (S Gompers)
International Ladies Garments Workers Union
Industrial Workers of the World

Group 3
Bessemer Process (Steel)
Edwin L. Drake
Alexander G. Bell (Telephone)
Christopher Sholes (Typewriter)
Wm. Jenney (Skyscraper)

Group 4
Chinese Exclusion Act
Gentlemen’s Agreement
Americanization Movement
Social Gospel Movement
Jane Addams

Group 5
Munn v. Illinois 1877
Wabash, St. Louis, & Pacific RR v. Illinois 1886
Interstate Commerce Commission 1887
Sherman Antitrust Act 1890
US v. EC Knight Co. 1895
In re Debs 1895


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