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Cover of "Dances with Wolves"

Cover of Dances with Wolves

We have been watching the movie Dances with Wolves this week. It has been rate in the top 20 of best Am erican Films and the top 10 for Westerns; however, it is not without critics. Many say the authenticity of the movie is overshadowed by “covert racism.” Yet, it continues to inspire filmmakers looking for a retelling of the hero’s journey concept. (The Last Samurai and Avatar) Other have said that the movie “is not a Western at all” and “it is more an adventure love story than Western.”

Using your online resources, class notes and your textbook to begin developing a Critical Review of the film based one of two concepts:

  • The movie is a great example of western cultural and should be viewed for its portrayal of Sioux culture.
  • The movie lacks elements of authentic western life and should only be viewed for its portrayal of Sioux culture.

You may also bring elements of information from your Summer readings into your review if it applies.  Your essay should be between 750-1500 words and the first draft is to be completed by Tuesday, Sept 12.

By the end of class today you need to have found at least four online resources, besides the ones listed above. You are to submit these, using the comment button, in proper MLA citation as well as which topic of the two you are choosing.


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