Asian Studies: the New Korea

South Korea has experienced a financial and cultural renaissiance over the past 50 years. After two millenia of struggles to gain and solidify independence from China, Russia, and Japan, South Korea is now a powerhouse in the global marketplace.  Look at these facts below:

Korea is the biggest electronics maker in the world, (HD TV, computer chips)

  • Samsung has nearly 2x the profit of sony now.
  • LG makes more phones than Motorolla.
  • 80% of materials used in iPads are produced Korean held companies

Automotive dominance continues to rise

  • 80% of pro-racers prefer kum ho tires.
  • Due to the recent earthquake and tsunami, Hyundai will sell more than Toyota soon.

By 2050, Korea will be the 3rd richest country, after the US and england.

Korea shipyards make the most ships.  STX, a Korean owned company, designed, built, and operates the largest cruise ship in the world.

Given these issues how did they do it and what will be their biggest problems to come.

Watch the following YouTube Playlist to see


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