English: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Literature

The Russians Are Here!

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Activities in this unit will coincide with the group book projects as well. All readings will be given as classwork; so that, students may have time at home to read their novels and work on the project materials.

Day One (Thursday April 28)
French Literature (Read Both Ans #1,3-6)
Russia 1812 “The Expatiation”  by V. Hugo pg778
“The Piece of String” by G. de Maupassant pg 786

Russian Literature (Read One Ans #2,4,6,7,8)
“The Long Exile” by L. Tolstoy
“A Problem” by A. Chekov

Discuss the essence of Russian Literature and how it is uniquely different from other European writings, like Hugo and Maupassant.

Day Two (Friday, April 29)
Vocab Group 11 Quiz

Poetry (Use the Chart pg893 as example)
Everything is Plundered… & Before spring there are days like these by A. Akhmatova p891
The Guitar by F.G. Lorca p895
Song of a Citizen by C. Milosz p922

Day Three/Four (Monday/Tuesday May 2&3)
“The Hunger Artist” by F. Kafka pg869 (Ans 1,3,5,)
“The Ring” by I. Dinesen pg882 (Ans 1,3,5)

Day Five (Friday, May 6)
Vocab Quiz Group 12
“The Myth of Syssiphus” by A. Camus pg899 (Ans 5,7,9)

Day Six (Monday, May 9) (Metafiction!)
“Borges and I” by JL Borges pg934 (Ans 3,5,6,8,9)
“Tuesday Siesta” by GG Marquez pg957 (Ans 4,5,6)

Day Seven (Wednesday, May 11)
The Fellowship of the Ring “A Journey in the Dark” and “The Bridge at Khazad-dum” by. JRR Tolkien


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