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In groups of three, students are to select one of the following books and complete the assigned sections of the project by Wednesday May 18.


Worksheet Packet
• Each student will complete at least one sheet during the project.

Book Review
• 1-2pg MLA Format  (12pt Times New Roman, Double Spaced)
• Give background information about the book and the time period when it was written/published.
• Relate information about the author, if it explains anything about the story.
• Identify and explain the author’s purpose
• Describe how well you related to the story and the author’s purpose
• Compare the book to other books/stories that are similar.
• Include excerpts from at least three book reviews (professional and amateur)

Paper of Choice
• 1-2pgs 12pt Times New Roman, Double Spaced
• How would the story be different, if you were one of the main characters?
• How would the story be different, if the setting changed?

Class Presentation
• PowerPoint, Prezi.com, or Video
• Must be 5-15 mins
• Explain the information presented in your readings and papers
• Two Minute Question & Answer Session

Here is a link to a Prezi version of my class presentation. It does not contain my audio commentaries at this time.



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