English Make-up Work Assignment

William Shakespeare's grave

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This assignment is only intended for students who scored below a 75% on their Third Nine Weeks grade. The work completed for this project will be used to supplement previous work completed in class. Students may choose two from the following three selections and the complete William Shakespeare activity.

Assignment One: Read the Egyptian Literature Section from Unit One Ans p45 #4-6 & p48 #1-5

Assignment Two: Read Plato’s Apology Ans p197 #6-10 Read “The Burning of Rome” Ans p328#1,3,5,7,9

Assignment Three: Read Brother Onion Ans p677#1,3,6.7.9 Read Fables Ans p707#1-4,5,7,9

Required: Read the Article on William Shakespeare on my webpage and complete the questions that accompany it. http://wp.me/P146mz-qi


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